Purella ALLURE

 Fully Automatic, RO + UF – Double filtration / Double Safety / Double Purification

With the benefit of dual purification through Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Filtration (UF) technology, Purella Allure removes the minutest particles in the easiest and most eco-friendly manner.


ISI 16240:2015 BIS certified – First-of-its-kind in the country




  1. Stops the filtration process if there is no or low water supply
  2. Two-way tap - to suit every water consumption need
  3. Water available on demand even without power
  4. Voltage fluctuation protection


  1. Transparent Tank - Ease of checking water level and cleaning
  2. Dimensions : H-460mm x W-320mm x D-295mm


Storage Capacity - 8 Litres

Filtration Rate - 10-15 LPH (Litres per Hour)

Water Recovery – Up to 30%

Best-in-class Cartridges with a Life of up to 6000 Litres

NSF Certified Membrane


5 Stage Filtration System

  1. Sediment Filter - Removes harmful residue from water
  2. Inline Pre-Carbon Filter - Get rids of chlorine particles (like volatile organic compounds, taste and colour)
  3. RO Membrane - Creates a blockage for contaminants of emerging concerns and pathogens
  4. UF Membrane - Removes harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, cyst, virus, parasitesetc.
  5. Post Carbon Filter - Improves the taste of water

High EQ (Environment Quotient)

  • Made from ABS food grade recyclable virgin plastic material
  • Water and energy saving features like auto shut-off function

Easy to use. Easy on Pocket.

Purity assured.

Product range for the greater good.