Purella BOB

RO + UV + UF + ALKALINE + TDS Water Purifier
The final word in water purification!

Feature loaded, technologically advanced and the best combination of filter cartridges to give you water which is not just tasty but also healthy. Experience the gold standard in water purification with Purella BOB.





  1. Stops the filtration process if there is no or low water supply
  2. Two-way tap - to suit every water consumption need
  3. TDS Reduction - approximate 90% reduction in TDS


  1. Interactive LED Display - Purification process | Tank full check | Filter life alert | No water alert | Machine failure alert
  2. Water level indicator
  3. Drain plug - for easy tank cleaning
  4. Wall mount installation
  5. Dimensions : H-500mm x W-396mm x D-215mm


Storage Capacity - 10 Litres

Filtration Rate - 10-15 LPH

NSF Certified Membrane

Membrane Capacity - Up to 2000 TDS

Water Recovery – Up to 30%

Best-in-class Cartridges With a Life of up to 6000 Litres

Adjustable Smart TDS Controller for Taste Enhancement

4W UV Lamp for Additional Safety


7-Stage Filtration System

  1. Inline Sediment Filter - Removes sediment from water
  2. Inline Pre-Carbon Filter - Gets rid of chlorine particles (like volatile organic compounds, taste and colour)
  3. RO Membrane - Creates a blockage for contaminants of emerging concerns and pathogens
  4. UV Lamp - Kills germs from water through radiation
  5. UF Membrane - Removes harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, cyst, virus, parasites, etc.
  6. Post Carbon + Alkaline Filter -  Effectively removes the odour, enhances the taste and maintains the PH level in the water.

High EQ (Environment Quotient)

  • Made from ABS food grade recyclable virgin plastic material
  • Water and energy saving with auto shut-off function

Technologically advanced.

Best-in-class experience.

Product range for the greater good.