Purella MARINA

RO+UV+UF+MINERAL Water Purifier
About Purella MARINA

Purella MARINA has dual filtration process.

100% RO+UV+UF – all water passes through RO and then UV+UF to completely remove all harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic & mercury so that you get safe and pure water always.

Purella MARINA will enhance any home or office with healthy functionally and do so in style.

Benefits of this Water Purifier:
•. Wall mounting Installation.
•. Easily Replaceable filter Cartridge.




RO+UV+UF+MINERAL Water Purifier

Advance seven stage purification through RO technology, turns hard water upto TDS 1500 ppm into soft and sweet water.

Large 10 liter storage tank ensures you can get purified water even when there is no running water in your tap or even when there is no electricity.

Compact design with a flow of pure water of 10-12 liters per hour*.

Automatic float level Micro switch that controls the water level automatically and shuts off the pump when the storage tank is full.

RO+UV+UF+MINERAL Water Purifiter

Product Technical Specifications


Product RO +UV +UF
Model Name MARINA
Application Suitable for purtification of tap water
up to 2000 PPM TDS and hardness below 500 ppm.
No. Of Stages 6
Input Voltage    230 V 50 Hz AC SINGLE PHASE
Storage Capacity   10 Litres
Operating Voltage   24 V DC
Inlet water Pressure   Minimum 5 PSI, Maximum 35 PSI
Product Dimensions   405 x 233 x 515(H) M M