Purella ORTHO

RO Water Purifier
Your invisible power for Pure Water!

A mighty water purifier, which takes your tap water through 5 stages of filtration to give you pure water round the clock.


ISI 16240:2015 BIS certified – First of it’s kind in the country




  1. Stops the filtration process if there is no or low water supply
  2. Pneumatic pressure tank for enhanced storage
  3. Uniform water flow for consistent water pressure


  1. Elegant and rotatable corrosion resistant faucet
  2. Direct to vessel - convenience of storing the water in your ceramic or copper pot, etc.
  3. Attach to water coolers, water dispensers etc.
  4. Wall mounting and under-the-sink installation options


Storage Capacity - 10 Litres

Filtration Rate - 10-15 LPH

NSF Certified Membrane and Pneumatic Pressure tank

Membrane Capacity – Up to 2000 TDS

Water Recovery – Up to 30%

Best-in-class Cartridges With a Life of Up to 6000 Litres


5 Stage Filtration System

  1. Spun Filter - Eliminates sediment from water through centrifugal force
  2. Wound Filter - Provides second layer of filtration for eliminating sediment from water
  3. Granulated Activated Carbon Filter - Removes organic chemicals from water
  4. RO Membrane - Creates a barrier for contaminants and pathogens
  5. Post Carbon Filter - Improves the taste of water

High EQ (Environment Quotient)

  • Made from ABS food grade recyclable virgin plastic material
  • Water and energy saving features like the auto shut-off function

24x7 pure water.

Powerful and convenient.

Product range for the greater good.