Purella KICKY

RO Water Purifier
The only tankless RO Purifier you’ll ever need.

A cute, compact machine for your daily water needs. Get rid of your water woes with Purella Kicky RO water purifier. Switch it on and store pure water in your ceramic pot or your copper container for enhanced benefits.


ISI 16240:2015 BIS certified – First-of-its-kind in the country




  1. Stops the filtration process if there is no or low water supply
  2. Uniform water flow - Maintained water pressure
  3. Voltage fluctuation protection


  1. Direct to vessel - convenience of storing water in your ceramic pot, copper pot etc.
  2. Space-saving compact design
  3. Wall mount installation
  4. Dimensions : H-305mm x W-395mm x D-212mm


Filtration Rate - 10-15 LPH

NSF Certified Membrane

Membrane Capacity – Up to 2000 TDS

Water Recovery – Up to 30%

Best-in-class Cartridges with a Life of Up to 6000 litres


4 Stage Filtration System

  1. Inline Sediment Filter - Reduces sediment from water
  2. Inline Pre-Carbon Filter - Removes chlorine particles (like volatile organic compounds, taste and colour)
  3. RO Membrane - Creates a barrier for contaminants of emerging concerns and pathogens
  4. Post Carbon Filter – Improves the taste of water

High EQ (Environment Quotient)

  • Made from ABS food grade recyclable virgin plastic material
  • Water and energy saving with auto shut-off function

Fits in everywhere.

Height of convenience.

Product range for the greater good.