Transforming the world.
One drop at a time.

At Purella, that has been our credo since day one. That’s why we have created a range of premium water filtration and purification solutions, which offer drops of goodness and happiness. That’s not all!

We go one step further by using eco-conscious materials in all our products so you can protect both, your health and the environment. Bit by bit. Drop by drop.

Where science blends with art

We have a team of matchless experts who understand the science of water. And giving them company are world-class craftsmen who have an undying passion for designing, planning, engineering, and executing breakthrough water purification systems.

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Leadership Team

Mr. Sunil Trivedi

Expertise. Experience. Excellence.

3 words that sum up Sunil Trivedi, CMD – Purella
His exceptional leadership skills and sound technical knowhow of the water industry has made Purella, the brand it is.
Being a seasoned technocrat, he has adopted state-of-the-art technologies and innovative strategies to get the company flowing in the right direction. His sheer passion for water and eco-conscious living has played a large part in our #purevaluespureactions philosophy.

Mr. Sarjan Trivedi

Visionary. Pioneering. Insightful.

A second-generation entrepreneur, with an eye for business, management, marketing, innovation and new trends. He possesses a specialised skill set in new product development, marketing strategy, international business, green water technologies and water purification systems. His global expansion approach has led Sarjan Watertech and its brands to flow seamlessly across geographies, acquisitions and diversification.

A few drops of appreciation And inspiration.
Certified for the best. By the best.

We have garnered applause and accolades from industry experts and our consumers.
Here are a few of them:

At Purella, we’ve ensured that we are certified by the leading industry experts, bodies, and organizations. Here are some feathers on our cap.